Why marketers need to start using Claude 2 ASAP 👀

Plus, results from a 3-month human versus AI SEO content experiment

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AI Marketing School Newsletter #39

Why marketers need to try Claude 2

Anthropic has just released the latest version of its large language model (LLM), Claude 2.

Claude 2 is significantly more powerful than its predecessor, with advanced math, coding, and reasoning capabilities.

Most importantly, its context window has increased from 9k to 100k tokens (roughly 75,000 words). This means Claude 2 can analyze hundreds of pages of text—which blows ChatGPT out the water.

The best part? Claude 2 is totally free in the US and UK… for now at least.

How marketers can use Claude 2

  • Data analysis: Claude 2 allows you to drop and analyze multiple documents in a single prompt. This is a game-changer for marketers.

    Upload statistics from Google Analytics, your CRM, email marketing platform, and more before asking it questions about your marketing performance. Marketing analysis has never been easier.

  • Devising a marketing activation strategy: Imagine you’re releasing a new product targeted at an existing persona.

    Upload your persona research, product information, and analytics on which marketing campaigns have historically performed well/poorly for this customer segment in the past.

    Then, ask Claude 2 to create a marketing activation plan based on these insights.

  • Building a brand tone of voice (TOV) document: Upload your company’s existing bank of content—all blogs, eBooks, social media posts, or PR releases that you’ve created.

    Then, ask Claude 2 to analyze these documents and create a TOV document for your brand.

  • Writing marketing content: According to Search Engine Journal, Claude 2’s writing is more human-like than ChatGPT’s.

    They asked both tools to write a 500-word article about SEO before putting them through AI detection tools.

    Claude 2 passed with flying colors—whereas ChatGPT’s writing was correctly flagged as being AI-generated.

  • Creating workflow automations: Lauren Marie asked Claude 2 to help her create an automated workflow that would take information from Google Sheets and upload it to Meta Business Planner. Claude 2 responded quickly, with a seemingly logical and easy to follow process.

    ⚠️ However, word of warning: She didn’t actually test out if it worked (as it was too technical for her). While the answer seemed to make sense, we can’t say for certain if it’s 100% correct.

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AI versus humans: The SEO content experiment

SEO company Reboot spent the last three months running an AI versus human-generated content experiment across 10 separate domains.

They wanted to know if, with all else being equal on-site and off-site, Google would rank the two types of content differently.

Here’s what they found.

What marketers need to know

  1. Human-written content domains outranked AI-generated content domains

  2. The results were statistically significant

  3. However, the experiment didn’t examine the impact of humans editing AI content (the ideal approach, in our opinion)

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Recommended resources and tools📚 🛠️

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Google’s Notebook LLM (formerly called Tailwind) is launching today in the US. Users can leverage generative AI to analyze and play around with Google Docs documents.

AI-powered voiceover tool that even lets you clone your own voice!

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